Message from Founder Director

REALITY IS EVERYTHING that exists. It is such adjustment and subsequent testing that we approach closer and closer to what are the real sacrifices of truths. Success does not mean an absence of problems. It is over coming problems. Success is not measured by how high we go up in life but how many times bounce back when we fall down. In fact, the successful people accept responsibility and hold themselves accountable for their actions and decisions. Therefore the positive behavior comes effortlessly to them because they have internalized the success principles. So, on behalf of the Board of Directorates, I wholeheartedly would like to commend the valued Founder Members, the Principal, the Vice Principal, Advisory Members all valuable parents, guardians, well wishers, all academic staff, administrative staff and our dearest students for maneuvering to internalize and tuning to battle the mission a grand success. Of course, Success is the progressive realization of worthy goal.

Indeed, ability teaches us how we do, motivation determines why we do and attitude deeds how well we do. Regardless of the source, I also strongly commend that our consortium is far more capable enough too delicate a significant contribution to the community and the organization as a whole. In some broad extend, other than the routinely scheduled development plan of the organization, subsequently, it is also under developing the major projection to operate the B.SC Agriculture programme, which will be started from the Academic year 2073. I as a Founder Chairman of GUPS would like to assure you all that, a relaxed mind, a peaceful soul, a joyful spirit, a heartfelt of love, professionalism, positivity and the genuine solidarity may definitely strengthen the united establishment. Nevertheless, we are here to develop a tangible platform to explore the joint venture strategies and to find the solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow.

Last but not least. It gives me immense pleasure to express my sincere gratitude to the Editorial Board for their dedication and hard work towards the publication of GUPS 15th Annual New Letter, In the end, I also wish to express my gratitude to those who may have contributed to this project. Even though anonymously.

With warm and good wishes. Jai GUHSS

Keshar Bahadur Ale
Founder Director, GUPHSS

Message from Principal Desk

It’s a matter of great privilege to express my sincere gratitude to all the Founder members, advisory members, diligent working staff, sustaining guardians and hard working students for completion of its flourishing 16 years and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my congratulation to the Editorial for bringing out the Newsletter-15th issue. We do believe that each student is different as a person and as a learner and can explore the strength in order to reach his/her true potential, So our education system should aim to nurture and persist for shaping each child into self confident, self motivated, skilled and balanced human being not only in academic but also perfect in all round endeavors.

Indeed, the time has changed. As the new evaluation grading system has been implemented, it is very important to understand the education is not only sufficient getting success in the academic result, its true evaluation can be justified by individual’s knowledge and performance transformed in his/her practical life. It has been our constant effort to be an ultimate destiny of academic excellence and meet the expectation of every learner. Team work is a hallmark of the GUPS. I am very sure that though collaborative effort, we can achieve even more in coming days and take this institution to a new height of excellence.

Rajendra Bahadur Gurung

Message From Vice-Principal

No dream is too large to be realized if one has strong determination and the right attitude to pursue it. GUPS in its sixteen years of lone journey of its glory has experienced many ups and downs in its relentless pursuit of perfection. However, the school has been blessed with unshakeable belief which has kept it moving undaunted with every challenge of time. This is all possible because of the joint effort of well organized of the teaching and non-teaching staff, brilliant performance and commitment of its students and above all overwhelming support of the guardians. The school is always committed to maintain its high educational reputation to widen its horizon by imparting such education that is adored with high moral values and human values in the competitive scenario.

Ultimately we believe that value based education can only make a child excellent not only in professional life but also in his social life. Finally, lid likes to take this opportunity to thank the editorial team for their tireless effort in bring out the school annual Newsletter and giving expose to the hidden potential of staff and students of GUPS.

Let’s remember “without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing”

Sadhna Thapa
Vice Principal